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Sigma Change : Priority Field - Monday, September 03, 2018
Sigma Priority Field 

The Sigma Priority in a ticket will be shown as the default priority linked to the category.This is selected by the Sigma Owner of that specific category.
 ( please refer to the Sigma Priority Matrix under the Help section for guidelines shoud you wish to change the priority)
Password Self Service - Wednesday, March 05, 2014



Please use your employee number as username. Click "Forgot Password" to get a password reminder
StandardWindows (Auto)

Forgot Password ?

Please note : "Forgot Password" will only work if we have a valid email address for you on the system and when using the "Standard" login method

Welcome to SIGMA (Netcare Group Helpdesk)

Please take note of the "new" login method(s) below ?


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Login Help


We currently support two forms of authentication on SIGMA.

Standard (SIGMA) Login

  • You are provided with a username and password valid only for SIGMA (
  • You can request password reminders for this account using the "Forgot Password" option
  • Your username will always be your employee number (for Netcare Staff Members).
    (excludes third party accounts)
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is essential that we have a valid and active company email address for you in order to use the "Forgot Password" feature

Windows Login (Click here for Automatic Login)
(not available to third parties)

  • Windows Authentication uses the login that you have used to login to your computer and for the majority of users this method will not require you to enter a username and password
  • You do not have to provide any login credentials when the computer is part of the Netcare Domain(s)
  • When using this authentication and you are prompted for a username, it means the computer you are using is not part of any of the Netcare Domain(s). You can enter your windows login details in the prompt in the format DOMAIN\username , eg : NTC\0002040402
  • You can click on the link above or use the login form on the left to use this method of authentication.
  • To use from the Login Form , click on Windows (Auto) then on the link that reads Click here for Automatic Login